Prepare to immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of ‘Twisted,’ a captivating peak-time tribal masterpiece by the talented Bosnian producer, Kiros. This groovy track takes inspiration from tribal sounds and weaves them seamlessly into a dynamic tech house experience. With its infectious beats and hypnotic drum patterns, ‘Twisted’ is tailor-made to ignite dance floors worldwide.

Kiros showcases his mastery in crafting high-energy tracks that effortlessly transport listeners into the groove. The carefully curated tribal-inspired drums create an immersive atmosphere, driving the momentum forward with an undeniable sense of excitement. ‘Twisted’ is the perfect embodiment of peak-time energy, guaranteed to captivate and compel dancers to move their bodies.

‘Twisted’ is a testament to Kiros’ creative vision and his ability to deliver a track that seamlessly blends tribal influences with the infectious allure of tech house. Get ready to embrace the rhythmic journey and let ‘Twisted’ transport you to new heights on the dance floor.