Our Mission

We are a dedicated House music label that’s on a mission to reignite the vibrant culture and rich heritage that birthed the soul-thumping beats of House music.

Ever felt like House music’s deep groove has started to fade? We’ve noticed that since its explosive rise in 2009, something’s been missing. The essence of where it all began and the tight-knit community that propelled it to stardom have dimmed a bit. But guess what? We’re here to light up that spark again!

The House Revolution: More Than Music, a Way of Life

House music wasn’t just notes and rhythms, it was a full-on revolution! It stood tall as the voice of society’s “misfits,” a haven where everyone could be their authentic selves without any of those judgy stares. Imagine the exhilarating clubs where the magic happened – they were like safe havens for Afro-Americans and the queer community, heroes in molding the unique sound and spirit of House music.

NOXU Deep’s Homage to the Legends

Hold tight, because at NOXU Deep, we’re rolling out the red carpet for House music’s incredible past. Each of our releases is like a love letter to a city that made House what it is today. These cities are like rockstars in their own right, adding a distinctive twist to the beats we all groove to.

From Detroit’s Acid to Ibiza’s Ecstasy

Picture this: Detroit, where acid and techno vibes were cooked up to perfection. And then there’s Ibiza – the paradise of euphoria, happiness, and that unmistakably Balearic vibe. Every city has its tale, its unique flavor that’s blended into House music’s DNA. Our releases? They’re like a fresh spin on these flavors, made for the ears of today.

Our Mission: Grooving Through History

Our mission? Simple yet fierce – we’re celebrating House music’s cultural roots with an energy that’ll make your heart race! We’re here to shine the spotlight on the incredible stories from House music’s golden era, when the beats were hot and the vibes were unforgettable.

Get Ready to Dance Through Time

So, you in? Join us on this wild journey as we dive deep into House music’s heart and soul. Let’s explore the history that keeps us moving, the legacy that’s still pumping in our veins. It’s not just music; it’s a force that brings people together, shaping our culture in ways you wouldn’t believe. Let’s dance, let’s celebrate, and let’s feel the magic of House music like never before!


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