For the love of house music

NOXU Deep is dedicated to preserving and promoting the origins and evolution of house music, while creating a platform for new and established artists to express themselves. In this day and age its forgotten where house and techno music came from and the norms and values that prevailed on the dance floor. A place for the misfits, creatives, Queer people, or suppressed could be there selfs and find the acceptance and love they deserve.

We are committed to unearthing the forgotten treasures of house music, while nurturing the creative talent of the next generation of artists. Our mission is to create a space where groovy, soulful and club ready house music can be discovered and appreciated.

We highlight the cities that have had the greatest effect on the evolution of house music. For each release we create, we tell the story of the genre’s founding fathers and how the genre gained traction from 1980 to 1990 in the selected city. Through our platforms, we educate about the most important moments in house music and the contributions of each city to its history


House music originated in Chicago, Illinois in the early 1980s. It was initially popularized by African-American and Latino DJs who created their own unique remixes of songs, often based on disco or funk tracks.


Techno emerged in Detroit in the early 1980s. Its sound is characterized by repetitive beats and synthesizers that often sound like machines or robots. It’s been called “the heartbeat of Detroit.”


A mix of Disco with Chicago house made its way to the nouveau rich of manhattan. Extravagant loft parties quickly rose in popularity among celebrities, creatives and wealthy individuals.


In 1987, Ibiza became the centre of Europe’s clubbing scene—and house music was at its core. The island’s warm weather made it perfect for partying all night long.


After the “second summer of love” in Ibiza house music quickly made its way to the Dutch dance floor. Being one of the most extravagant clubs of Europe club “The RoXY” quickly became the temple of house music in The Netherlands.


In July 1989 the first-ever Love parade was held in West Berlin. A group of 150 people with the statement “Peace, Joy and Pancakes” danced through the streets. Not knowing the Berlin Wall would fall in a short time. Which fuelled not only a political revolution but also a cultural awakening.