In the late 1980s, house music started to become popular in the Netherlands. With club The RoXY as one of the epicentres of house music in The Netherlands. 


When the first wave of Detroit house music landed in The Netherlands most clubs were still playing Disco. In 1987 newly founded club “The RoXY” opened its doors. The first year the dutch crowd wasn’t very fond of the new music that came over from the USA. The year 1988 changed everything, the later to be known “second summer of love” has started. 

That summer a wave started from the party island Ibiza and all the dutch people that came back were hooked on the heavy 4 the floor beats. This was the time house music made its first introduction to the Dutch dance floors. Thanks to the persistence of Eddy de Clercq who pushed the Detroit Acid House on the dutch dance floor. Suddenly, people entered the RoXY with smileys on their clothes, the code of acid lovers. 

The sound of Amsterdam

The sound of Amsterdam was in the beginning mainly influenced by Detroit Techno. But after the summer of love, the Balearic sound took over Amsterdam. A mix of piano sounds and vocals were introduced.