I’m Not Impressed

Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying beats of Linds, the tech house sensation hailing from Poland! “Not Impressed” is the track that’s about to set your world on fire with a fusion of powerful basslines and pulsating synths, creating a tsunami of energy that’ll leave you breathless. This is no ordinary release, folks; it’s the grand return after 6 months of silence, and Linds is unleashing the beast on NOXU Deep!

Linds’ journey from the acoustic guitar strums of his youth to becoming a resident DJ in his hometown’s hottest nightclub at just 18 is the stuff legends are made of. He’s a maestro who’s honed his craft, and his evolution into a peak time progressive sound is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Brace yourself for a track that’s not just music, but a thunderous declaration that Linds is back, and he’s here to dominate the dancefloor! 🔥🎶💥