Introducing: Sean Luiz

Introducing: Sean Luiz

German-based DJ and producer Sean Luiz, is making waves in the dance music scene with his unique blend of deep house, tech house and dance beats.

Born with a natural inclination towards music, Lukas’s interest in music began to take shape at a young age. From the children’s choir to the school band, his love for music only grew alongside his passion for football. This interest was further intensified at the age of 15. On the 18th birthday of his older siblings, Lukas was given the opportunity to take over as the DJ, and it was that day that changed everything. His passion for music grew to such an extent that he began to publish his first productions on Soundcloud and also started DJing occasionally at small events.

In 2018, former “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” contestant “Screezy 224” discovered him and the two went on to produce the hit tracks “Wine Girl” and “Parkinson” together. Following these initial successes, it was quiet for a while for Sean Luiz until he released the remix of “Mahalo & DLMT – So Cold” on April 10th, 2020, which garnered a lot of attention in his region. This was followed by the release of “Morning Dew” on Spotify and “Oxygen” on June 18th. With his track “LMTYS,” Lukas was able to make it to local radio for the first time in October 2021.

Get ready for his upcoming release “Complicated“!

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