The Amsterdam Dance Event Guide

The Amsterdam Dance Event Guide

The ADE conference and festival are a great opportunity to understand the current trends in music. It will allow you to learn about new music platforms, discover new artists and network with music lovers and professionals.

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the largest gathering of electronic music enthusiasts and industry professionals worldwide. The conference and festival are held in Amsterdam over five days and attract over 350,000 people. 2,500 artists perform in 140 different venues throughout the city. On the conference side, ADE provides live events and networking spaces to help inspire, educate and connect attendees. As an industry-leading event, ADE offers a platform for creatives and professionals to connect, learn and innovate in music, technology, business and culture.

ADE strives to be at the forefront of innovation by providing an interactive experience that allows attendees from all over the world to network with one another while experiencing Amsterdam at its best.

Essentials to pack.

Nothing is more frustrating than landing in a foreign city and realising you’ve forgotten something crucial at home. Fortunately, Amsterdam is a lovely modern city that has practically everything covered. However, there are a few goods we recommend stocking up on before you leave.

Business cards – They may be out of date in today’s Instagram world, but if your phone dies, these are a lifesaver. 

Battery Bank – As previously stated, phones die! Especially with so much stuff to generate while you’re there, so bring plenty of juice! 

Hearing Protection – If you’re going to see one of the numerous performers performing on a given night, this is necessary. It’s more difficult to find in the city, but make sure you protect your hearing since they are among the loudest clubs we’ve ever seen! 

Camera – Amsterdam is a wonderful city where you’ll be rubbing shoulders with prominent artists, management, and businesses. What better time to start creating social media content?

How to move through Amsterdam.

The transportation system in Amsterdam is one of its amazing benefits. With so many inexpensive and efficient modes of transportation available, the decision is entirely yours. When you arrive at Schiphol airport, you may take a cab, an uber, or a train to central Amsterdam. The train is the most convenient option for light packers and is part of the Amsterdam public transportation system, so you may use the OV Chip Card instead of buying a ticket.

The OV Chip Card should be the first item you buy when you arrive in Amsterdam since it provides unrestricted access to all public transportation options, including the metro, trains, trams, and trains. A OV Chip Card may be purchased at one of the many ticket machines located at railway and metro stations. It truly is the most convenient mode of transportation and provides excellent value for money; just remember to scan your card when you board and again when you exit the bus or tram. Failure to check out might result in your card not working for the next part of your travel, so be cautious!

When it comes to visiting Amsterdam, there is one thing we cannot stress enough.

AVOID USING THE CYCLE LANES! Amsterdam grants bicycle the right of way over pedestrians, which is unusual for cities throughout the world, and there are a LOT of bikers to watch out for. It can be challenging to comprehend the significance of avoiding the cycle lanes at first because they are typically adjacent to the pedestrian way. The cyclists use the cobblestone roads when there are no bike lanes, such as when they are close to canals or the old town. When a bell rings, turn around and walk away. Stay safe and stay out of the lanes since the bikes are swift and they won’t stop for you.

Activities to do during the day.

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ADE Conference

A series of activities known as the ADE Conference is hosted in and around the DeLaMar Theatre. The conference platform’s goal is to enable attendees to hear from business experts about a wide range of topic. There is a conference for everyone, including topics like music manufacturing and environmental concerns. However, conferences are very popular, so arrive early to any talk you want to attend to assure a spot. You also need the proper ADE ticket to attend conferences, so make sure you have this before leaving!

*Quick tip, if you don’t have a pass go hang out outside of the Conference venue and you meet a lot of industry professionals and big-name artists. 

ADE Sound Lab

A building devoted to all things gear is called ADE Sound Lab. The room also houses the gear test lab, where you can try out the newest and best equipment from both DJ and production hardware firms. Gear-related seminars are the centre of the space. All of Pioneer DJ’s equipment is available for hands-on use in a special room, and A D-List DJs perform live sets all day long! 


No matter your career, ADE is an excellent opportunity to network and expand your network. There are numerous official and informal brunches, open days, and networking opportunities every day of the week where you can mingle with like-minded people who can advance your career. The secret to effective marketing is to do some research on suitable events to support your objectives online before you go. Fortunately, the ADE website provides an excellent tool to help locate all the official networking locations, and the majority of businesses also post events on Facebook in advance of the week.

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ADE Festival

ADE’s festival portion features 2,5000 DJs and bands in over 140 venues, making it the largest electronic music festival in the world! The week is jam-packed with incredible activities that will excite you and possibly leave you a little inebriated in the morning. There are events for every mood, whether they take place in ageing factories and warehouses or smaller, more private spaces. Make a list of the events you want to attend, as it may be difficult to get into some of them during busy times. All of the official events have online ticketing available, and the ADE website includes a handy guide to help you schedule your week.

Celebrate Safe during ADE

We dance together, so please be mindful of yourself and each other. We expect an open attitude from our visitors towards other guests, regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and age. If you see or experience any unwanted attention, harassment or behaviour of any kind that makes you uncomfortable, please speak out and notify the staff.

ADE is proud to partner with the Celebrate Safe campaign.
Check out Unity‘s tips to Celebrate Safe during ADE:

Celebrate Safe

Prepare ♥ Be at your best

Just say Know ♥ Inform yourself

Pace yourself ♥ Take things slowly

Better safe than sorry ♥ Less is more

Think for yourself ♥ Care about others

Love your body ♥ Take time to recover

Private Events

Numerous businesses, record labels, and clothing lines hold their own mixers and parties.

These are often by invitation only, but if you can network a little before ADE, you might be able to get on the guest list at some very cool venues.

We suggest using social networks like Linkedin and the wonderful ADE delegate system to find people before to ADE. 

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