Jason Foi, Jenna Evans


“Fixated,” the latest release from Jason Foi, transports listeners into a mesmerizing and captivating sonic realm. Drawing from his extensive 20-year journey in the music industry, this Texas-based DJ and producer showcase his distinct sound and unrivalled talent. Fusing his expertise in DJing, sound design, and recording engineering, Foi masterfully crafts a track that seamlessly blends groove and euphoria.

Prepare to be entranced by the hypnotic beats that pulse throughout “Fixated.” Layered with euphoric synths, the song creates an enchanting soundscape that effortlessly captivates the audience. Foi’s skill as a producer shines through, as he showcases his ability to curate a sound that is both distinctive and mesmerizing.

“Fixated” stands as a testament to Foi’s artistry, highlighting his prowess in creating music that pushes boundaries and resonates deeply with listeners. Immerse yourself in the ethereal world crafted by Jason Foi, and experience the allure of his unique and captivating sound.