David Kaseta

Dom Maison

David Kaseta, the DJ producer extraordinaire, presents “Dom Maison,” a captivating Deep Tech House track infused with hints of Techno. Drawing on his background as a skilled drummer, Kaseta delivers a rhythm-driven masterpiece, characterized by infectious groovy drums that set the tone for the entire composition. Mystical yet rhythmic vocals add an enchanting element, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the song.

At the heart of “Dom Maison” lies a pulsating and profound bassline, serving as the backbone of the track. Combined with the enchanting vocals and mesmerizing synths, the song effortlessly merges the best elements of Tech House and Melodic Techno. This harmonious collision results in a captivating sonic journey that transcends genre boundaries.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “Dom Maison,” set to be unleashed upon the world by NOXU Deep on the highly anticipated date of 15/06/2023. Brace yourself for an experience that seamlessly blends rhythmic prowess, melodic allure, and a truly unforgettable musical voyage.