Introducing: Kye Murray

Introducing: Kye Murray

Up next on NOXU Deep, we’ve got Perth-based DJ, Producer Kye Murray who will make his debut on the label with his track ‘Take My Hand’.

We wanted to find out more about the emerging artist as he already has been making some waves in the Dance Music scene lately. So we reached out to Kyle to ask the need-to-know questions?

Hey Kye! Welcome to the #NOXUFamily and congratulations on your debut release ‘Take My Hand’! How are you and where in the world are you right now?

Hello, Thank you very much I’m excited to be here. I’m very good busy but good! I’m currently at home in Australia.

Could you tell us a bit about the record itself, what was the inspiration behind the record, musically and what is the meaning behind the lyrics?

I’d been listening to a lot of Low Steppa before his Australian tour that kind of tech house groove with the catchy classic Korg m1 house piano. So when I sat down and opened Ableton up I began playing on the piano when I eventually got something I liked I decided to take the song in that kind of direction.

Tell us a bit about your musical background, where are you from, what music influenced you.

I’m actually from Scotland in the UK but I moved to Perth west Australia when I was 16, I’ve always had a massive interest in music my parents met in a band mum was the singer and my dad the lead guitar player. I started by playing the drums in primary school then moved to guitar in high school played in a few bands then started producing house music 2 years ago. I was more of a band kind of person growing up oasis, u2, my love for house music came towards my late teens when I started going to raves with my friends, I fell in love with the scene and the music.

Your upbringing was in Perth, were there any clubs/events/record shops etc. that you used to visit frequently and got inspired from?

Geisha bar and nevermind small club were always my go-to underground house and techno was right up my alley. Played at geisha once or twice but unfortunately, never mind small club has shut down. I remember watching Patrick Topping at a house music event in Perth called habitat it was after that I bought a set of decks.

What are your 5 all-time favourite House Records?

1. Franky Wah – Hyde

2. Martin Ikin – How I Feel

3. Rital – Using (meduza Remix)

4. Low Steppa – Lay It On Me

5. Martin Ikin – Ill Be

An amazing selection of tunes right there! So, who are the Artists/DJ’s/Producers we should be keeping our eyes on for 2022?

I’m really enjoying listening to:


Chapter and verse


Caleb Laurenson at the moment all Quite new on the scene and very talented.

To wrap things up, what are your future plans for 2022? Do you have any more releases or collaborations planned that you’d like to mention? Any potential gigs or any cool events coming up that you want to share?

have a few songs ready to send off hoping to get another release in after this one. As for gigs I have been quiet as it is winter here in Perth at the moment but I have had a few offers for springtime and going into summer but nothing major planned as of yet. Thank you very much and can’t wait for the release.

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