Scott Judge

Scott Judge has travelled the UK sharing his passion for House Music. He was born in West Bromwich and introduced to music at a very early age by his father, a music nut, that not only played a guitar with 2 strings on it, he had a collection of Cassette Tape recordings of artists that a library would have been happy to have had. His Dad would mostly listen to Soul, Motown, Blues, Irish Folk, Rock and Disco music at the family home that he shared with his mother and 5 other siblings. This is where Scott Judge’s diversity in music stems from. A lover of all sorts of music, Scott Judge’s real passion lies in House Music, He has played for brands such has Bedrock at Ministry Of Sound, Unusual Suspects at Sankey’s Ibiza, Heroes of House in Birmingham and currently working with the exciting brand that is Housework London. Scott Judge has been lucky enough to have shared a DJ booth with some of the UK’s best and because of this he has homed in on a skill set that can only be best described as Very Versatile. Scott Judge plays form the heart and loves to deliver to the crowd, you will see from the energy he creates in the DJ booth and most importantly on that dance floor. With years of experience playing in Commercial Venues he can certainly work that floor. You can expect to hear from one of Scott Judge’s sets, Driving High Energy, Vocal, Disco, Soulful, Bass Driven & Classic House that gets everybody moving. Scott Judge also stepped into the production arena. Most of his family either played in bands, sang or followed live acts so it was only natural for Scott Judge to follow the footsteps of his family and make his own music. Scott Judge has releases out on the following labels, Subtractive Records, SIMMA Black, SIMMA Red, TRAX Records, Stash Records, Jango Music, Vudu Recordings, PP Music, Suka Records, De-funkt Recordings/Traxx, Disco Balls Records, Alveda, Curious Energy Records, Electric State.

A few of Scott Judge’s track have now hit the top 10 in their respective category on Traxsource’s chart. Homing in on his production skills, Scott Judge is quickly becoming a very diverse producer, where you can expect to hear classic house music production to border line Techno and progressive house. Certainly has no boundaries and produces what he feels at the time. Scott Judge is a lover of the 90’s retro house music sounds and you can hear some of the synths and pianos you would expect from a track in that era in a lot of his productions.