One of music’s most powerful properties is its ability to shift our perspective, and
to make us see the brighter side of life. B_Jezzyy is a Houston, Texas-based
House DJ who fully embraces this notion, using music as a vessel to lift up spirits
and spread positivity. His music manifests itself as an extension of this, leaning
into all types of House music that gets feet shuffling, and faces smiling from dusk
to dawn. Ultimately, it’s all about the dance, the good times and the shared
Despite B_Jezzyy’s always-positive demeanour, his upbringing was not without its
own share of hard times. He grew up on the rougher, southwest side of Houston,
with his family impoverished and struggling to make ends meet. Even with the
added insult to injury of his house burning down, B_Jezzyy has always managed
to maintain a positive mental attitude towards life, which is now also part of his
signature sound and ethos.
B_Jezzyy has been making music since as young as 16, with his formative years
spent dabbling with a cracked version of Fruity Loops. However it wasn’t until he
played ‘DJ Hero’ on the PlayStation that he was introduced to Kaskade and
Deadmau5’s seminal track ‘I Remember,’ which went on to change everything for
2022 marked the premiere of his debut release, ‘What I Want,’ a groovy Tech
House track brimming with attitude and groove. His next single ‘Don’t Take Me
Away,’ encapsulates the timeless vibes of classic House, complete with saturated
basslines, soulful vocal samples and an unmistakable swung groove.

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