Mostly Unfamous


Mostly Unfamous is a talented rising music producer who hails from Glasgow, UK. Despite his young age of 30, he has already established himself as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene, thanks to his unique blend of house, tech house, and deep house.

His passion for electronic music began at the age of 15. Inspired by this newfound love, George started toying with the idea of producing music. However, due to financial constraints, education, and other commitments, the starting process proved to be very challenging.

Despite these obstacles, George persisted, and music production remained his hobby until 2019 when he finally had the means and knowledge to start producing music under the name Mostly Unfamous. His sound is heavily influenced by renowned artists such as Martin Ikin, Michael Bibi, FISHER, Dennis Cruz, and others.

What makes Mostly Unfamous music stand out is its unique blend of genres. He always tries to incorporate sounds and melodies that are true to himself. The recipe for a Mostly Unfamous track includes creativity, groovy basslines, eclectic classic sounds, soulful chords, and chest-thumping kicks. Fans describe his music as a captivating, high-energy performance that transports audiences right to the middle of the dance floor.

Mostly Unfamous has received regular feedback and support from respected music producers such as Bass Kleph, Travis Emmons, Jon Pegnato, and Haus of Panda. Their guidance has helped Mostly Unfamous perfect his sound and take a significant step forward in his music career by releasing his first professional tracks in 2021.

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