Mitch Gilby


Mitch Gilby is a DJ and producer from the UK who has a passion for House and Tech music. His production style reflects this love, ranging from powerful piano tracks to bass-driven sounds perfect for clubs. Gilby’s music collection is diverse, and he has experience performing in and around his hometown, at festivals, London clubs, and even on the White Isles.

“I have made House music and DJing an obsession,” says Gilby.

When lockdown hit and clubs were forced to close, Gilby wasted no time and focused on honing his production skills. He spent countless hours in the studio crafting his sound. With an arsenal of unreleased tracks, Gilby is poised to make waves in the music scene.

Whether playing B2Bs, one-hour sets, or all-night-long performances, Gilby’s extensive knowledge and love for music shine through.

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